Meeting Adam Savage: Confirmed!


On Sunday night, I saw Brain Candy Live! here in Norfolk, a live science extravaganza hosted by Michael Stevens of VSauce and Adam Savage of Mythbusters and Tested. It was hilarious and informative as well as something I could have only dreamed of as a child.

I used to watch Mythbusters a lot when I was a kid. I think the first time I ever saw an episode was because of my dad. There was a lot of math and explosions, and that captivated my young eyes. As I got older, I kept watching. I used to think that everything they did on the show seemed so magical and… well, impossible. The math seemed ridiculous, the props were intricate, the budget felt huge… I mean, come on. Sometimes they literally did rocket science. Nevertheless, the show and cast captivated me.


While we all waited for the show to start, two giant screens displayed various pictures and words representing “brain” and “candy”.

Let’s fast-forward some years – 2015, to be specific. That was the year that I discovered I was… happy to see so much more of Savage’s work? Angry because I hadn’t previously known about it? Exhausted by how many more Youtube videos I was going to watch? There were a lot of emotions that day. There still are. Because of Adam Savage, I learned about “making.”

You know what “making” is: the act of creating something. Making can be anything from art to robots to furniture. A Maker is one that makes. We are all makers, when you think about it! Wrote a song? Made a chair? Programmed a machine? Painted a picture? Did you bake something? Well, all of that is a form of making. Adam really opened my eyes to that and it was incredibly inspiring. There are makerspaces (places that encourage people to make things by providing a public space for them to do so) all over the country, Maker Faires, and even a National Week of Making.


I hope it’s at least a little clear at this point why this man is one of my heroes. He is kind, humble, intelligent, determined, and is overall supportive of people moving towards better versions of themselves. I could go on about Adam Savage for as long as anyone asked me to… but I won’t. I don’t think I could ever accurately summarize how much he inspires me. Instead, I will express it through my actions. I will continue to make, to educate, to advocate, and to strive for a better version of myself. The me-est me that I can be.

Here are some Tested videos that I always come back to (besides the one up there).



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